duminică, 8 mai 2011

Have plus size women natural beauty ?

The natural aspect of women’s beauty could be in the diversity and uniqueness of forms. Attempts to measure this naturalness or beauty by assigning it to a specific standard might result in reducing beauty to trivial aspects of it. Focusing too much on the compliance with some beauty standard might give birth to discomfort or frustration among specific people. In extreme scenarios, it even might give birth to racism. 
In today’s society, many create and promote ideal beauty models with the purpose of gaining people’s attention. These models generate desires and deviate attention from other critical societal themes. How many women buy a cosmetic product for the product itself? What is the necessity for a lipstick or eyeliner? Are women buying the illusion that using these products will make them more beautiful or more easily noticed in their environment?
In this way, some might exploit weaknesses and encourage vanity. By exploiting human weaknesses, the need to feel beautiful and noticed, specific key players benefit greatly. A society that creates, promotes, and exploits human weaknesses may wake up one day poorer as a result.
Implantation, injections, and adding or removing certain parts of the human body is a practice commonly used today. Of course, there might be cases where such interventions are driven by real health necessities and have nothing to do with so-called beauty model compliance.
However, in many cases, some actions that target the woman’s body defy the natural and violates body integrity. Still, many women are doing it because they want to comply with certain beauty models and need more recognition and admiration from society. Many businesses promote successful stories of those who have already resorted to such additions or eliminations.
They emphasize that after surgery, the woman suddenly increased her confidence and self-esteem. Miraculously her life changed and everything that seemed dark became light.
However, any change, even if it seems to come from the outside, is only an impression; it is just an illusion. The real change always comes from within. Nevertheless, it is easier to believe that upon them with different.
Actually, in most cases, we do not need such interventions to enjoy the appreciation of the people surrounding us. As long as we focus on our key strengths and not weaknesses, we look confident to the world. We shouldn’t consider certain traits as weaknesses just because the society in which we live suggests it. Perhaps in other societies those traits would be an advantage. The moral duty of our society should be to cultivate a positive attitude. We should be educated to appreciate the way we look and not how we should look. To love ourselves for what we are, not for what we could be

sâmbătă, 23 aprilie 2011

How to get a man to like you as a curvy or plus-size woman

Curvaceous body forms show the naturalness of women. Women have all kind of shapes and sizes and they should be able to display their body without feeling bad their natural body curves, voluptuousness, or bolder forms. A well-tailored skirt or a dress carefully chosen could improve the appearance of a woman, no matter if she is thin or fat. More or less, curvaceous women’s forms are a delight for the eye of many men. The curves of many plus-size women, their body voluptuousness, and the health expression in their cheeks could compete, with success, against many slim women.

Men instinctively, in most cases, will feel attracted by women regardless of their type. As long as women will suggest their availability, no matter their body shapes, they will have a very good chance of attracting the interest of men.

The awareness of many women about their body uniqueness is an important aspect. What a woman sees when she looks herself in the mirror is the most precious thing in her possession. That body serves as her reliable ally. She should not see it as an enemy or a target for all kinds of diets because she wants to meet a standard. Of course, that body has a different shape than other women. It might have a different weight, a different size of the hips or breasts. All of these differences give more character to the body and makes it particularly memorable for a man.

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